Kheer Easy Recipe-How To Make Kheer in 30 Minutes

Kheer Easy Recipe is a indian treditional dish .Indian is a sweet dish which looks very tasty. Kheer is the favorite sweet dish of people in many festivals, after eating one spoon of it, you will feel like eating it again and again and you will gobble it up slowly. Rice plays an important role in making kheer. Kheer is prepared if there is worship in the house or sometimes there are small and big functions – such as functions like naming, birthday, Bhandara etc., then Kheer is made. This kheer is going to be liked by everyone because it can be eaten by everyone, small and big, and everyone is crazy about kheer.

Kheer Easy Recipe

There are many types of Kheer Recipe-

  1. Sabudana Kheer
  2. Makhana Kheer 
  3. Badam Kheer 
  4. Dalia Kheer 

Rice Kheer Easy Recipe –

Many ingredients are added to the kheer. Due to which a different test increases in the test of Kheer and the test becomes wonderful and then it is fun. Now see, milk is boiled and rice is added to it and the rice is cooked. After that sugar has to be added and mixed. Dry fruits are then added to the kheer. It does not take much time to make rice kheer, its recipe is very easy. Ingredients for making rice are easily available in everyone’s homes. Friends, today we will tell you completely about Kheer Easy Recipe and will tell you how to make it in a very easy way. If you follow this article step by step, then you will be able to make very tasty kheer.

Rice pudding ingredients-

  • 4 Cardamom
  • Dry fruits – cashews, almonds, raisins
  • Sugar – 100 grams
  • Rice – 150 grams
  • Milk – 1 liter

Rice pudding recipe-

  • Wash the rice thoroughly to make rice ki Kheer.
Kheer Easy Recipe
  • After that take a vessel and put 2 glasses of water in it, turn on the gas and boil the water.
  • After that pour 1 liter of milk in it and add sugar along with it and keep stirring.
  • After that, now reduce the flame, now cook for 20 minutes until the rice starts boiling.
  • After that add cardamom, dry fruits and keep stirring it with a ladle.
Kheer Easy Recipe
  • After that cook for 5-10 more minutes.
  • When the rice becomes very soft, switch off the gas and let it cool down.


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